Repair Pricing: 

4" WOOFER $45 ea.   ADS:   200i, 200is, 220w, 234is, 334is, 344is, 2001, 2002, A4im, A4is, AL4,

                                                    AVF144, AVS140, AVT148, AW4, AW40, L200c, L200cc, L200e, L210.

5" WOOFER $50 ea.   ADS:   300i, 300is, 315i, 320i, 320is, 235im, 235is, 325im, 325is, 335im, 335is, 345is, A5im,

                                                    A5is, AL5, C300i, C300is, C300iw, CM5, L300c, L300cc, L300e, L310, S500, Sat5

6" WOOFER $60 ea.   ADS:   236im, 236is, 336im, 336is, 346is, 400w, A6im, A6is, AL6, C400i, C400is, C400iw, CM6,

                                                    L400, L400e, M20, M30, MV10c, MV15, MV30t, MV40t, S6.2i, S600, Sat6, SB6

7" WOOFER $65 ea.   ADS:   400, 700, 750iL, B7, CM7, SC400, SC700, L7e, Old L400, L420,

                                                    L470, L710, L1090, MS1, MV20, MV60t, MV80t, S7, S700, Sat7

8" WOOFER $70 ea.   ADS:   AS8, AVT148, L1, L8e,  L9e, L520, L570, L690, L780, L810, L1230, L1290,

                                                    M9, M990, M12, M20, M1290, MS2, SW150, PS8, RS8, RS8, S8s, SB8

SHIPPING back are with USPS Priority Flat Rate Box

Subject to USPS pricing changes:  

For 4", 5", 6" 7" Woofer $16 Flat Rate for 1 or 2 Woofers.

For 8" Woofer $16 Flat Rate 1 Woofer.

Email or Text is preferred: